Goat is purchased as a whole and to do this we sell the animal live weight.  Which means you purchase the animal from us alive and we will deliver to the locker for you.  At the time you place your order, we will discuss the price per pound. From there you are responsible for contacting the locker and deciding what you want made from your goat.  You are also responsible for the processing fees at the locker.

 At this time we deliver to whichever locker that you prefer with a delivery charge. 

Unless other arrangements are made.

 ** Prices and Availability are        subject to change..

 Our goats go out to pasture in the spring and have access to corn and mineral tub. During the winter they alfalfa, grass hay, silage, corn, and minerals tubs.


To place an order just give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Jackie: 605-691-3290

Lyle: 605-691-3870

If no answer leave a message!

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